Weekend school, Youth program, and Quran teaching will resume starting next Friday April, 19th 2024

60 Willow Street

Chelsea, MA 02150

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Mon - Fri: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Masjid Open 5 Prayers & Jumuah

Our Mission

our Mission

We Strive for Peaceful Life & Well-Being

At Al Huda Society We’re striving to teach and Spread the Real Value of Islam thru

Hassan El-Alami


Spiritual Guidance

Our Islamic Center serves as a place of worship and a place for Muslims to learn about their faith, its teachings, and practices. This includes providing religious education for children, youth, and adults through classes, lectures, and workshops. Spiritual guidance is also provided through counseling, mentoring, and religious services such as prayers and sermons.

Community Building

Our Islamic Center -Al Huda Society aims to foster a sense of community among Muslims, providing them with a place to come together for worship, social activities, and cultural events. We organize communal meals (such as iftars during Ramadan, Aqiqah), Eid celebrations, and other gatherings that strengthen social bonds and promote unity.

Outreach and Interfaith Dialogue

Al Huda Society engages in outreach efforts to promote understanding of Islam among non-Muslims and foster positive relationships with other religious and cultural communities. This may involve hosting interfaith dialogues, and community service projects that demonstrate Islamic values in action.

Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Our Center engages in advocacy efforts to address social justice issues, promote civil rights, and contribute positively to the broader society. This can involve participating in community forums, collaborating with local organizations, and advocating for policies that align with Islamic values.

Social Services and Support

Our Islamic Center often provides various forms of social support to members of the Muslim community, including assistance for those in need, such as food aid, financial assistance, counseling services, and support for new immigrants or converts to Islam

Youth Development

Our Center typically has programs and activities designed to engage and empower young Muslims, helping them develop a strong sense of identity, character, and faith in a supportive environment. This may include youth groups, leadership training, educational programs, and recreational activities.


Al Huda Society Activities Gallery

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Explore our enriching gallery at the Al Huda Society, showcasing the beauty of Islamic art, architecture, and cultural heritage, fostering a deeper connection with our rich traditions.

Our mission

To provide high-quality Arabic language education that fosters: