Weekend school, Youth program, and Quran teaching will resume starting next Friday April, 19th 2024

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Mon - Fri: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Masjid Open 5 Prayers & Jumuah

Our Vision

Our Vision

Empowering Muslims, Serving Society

Our vision At Al Huda Society Center reflects its aspirations and long-term goals for serving the Muslim community and society at large

Hassan El-Alami


Promoting Spiritual Growth and Guidance

Our Islamic Center aspires to be a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and growth for Muslims, resources, and support they need to deepen their understanding of Islam and strengthen their relationship with Allah.

Building a Vibrant Muslim Community:

Our Islamic Center envisions creating a dynamic and cohesive Muslim community characterized by strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, mutual respect, and active engagement in communal activities, worship, and service.

Fostering Religious Tolerance and Understanding

Our Islamic Center seeks to promote interfaith dialogue, cooperation, and understanding, envisioning a society where people of different faiths can live together in harmony, respecting each other's beliefs and traditions

Empowering Youth and Future Generations

Our Islamic Center aims to empower young Muslims to become confident, knowledgeable, and engaged leaders who are well-grounded in their faith and equipped to positively impact their communities and the world.

Addressing Social Justice Issues

Our Islamic Center aspires to be advocates for social justice and human rights, working to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and injustice in line with Islamic principles of compassion, fairness, and equality

Promoting Education and Scholarship

Our Islamic Center envisions becoming centers of excellence for Islamic education, research, and scholarship, contributing to the intellectual and spiritual development of Muslims and fostering a deeper understanding of Islam within the wider society

Providing Comprehensive Social Services

AL Huda Society Center aims to meet the social, emotional, and practical needs of community members by providing a range of social services, including counseling, financial assistance, and support for newcomers and those in need.

Engaging in Global Outreach and Humanitarian Work

Our Center aspires to make a positive impact beyond their local communities by engaging in humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and development projects both locally and globally, reflecting the Islamic principle of serving humanity.


Al Huda Society Activities Gallery

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Explore our enriching gallery at the Al Huda Society, showcasing the beauty of Islamic art, architecture, and cultural heritage, fostering a deeper connection with our rich traditions.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leading institution in promoting: